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If you are a history buff, we have civil war bullets with the dirt from the battlefield on Andora Farm for sale.  Andora Farm with it's ford across Mountain Run stream, was a strategic location that allowed the crossing of may troops, horses, wagons, and cannons during many Civil War battles, including the Battle of Brandy Station, the largest equestrian battle of the Civil War. 

Jars are $20 plus $6 shipping. Email: for order or call 540-829-9555.



Pat and Tom.jpg

Tom & Pat Seay

Owners, Andora Farm

Both native Virginians, Tom and Pat actively work the farm every day-- when not on the road filming and producing episodes of Best of America by Horseback-- taking care of the cattle, horses, fencing, and hay production.

The name Andora was not original to this farm, but it was to the Seay family farm in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

It is a combination of Tom's parents' names, Andrew and Ora Seay.

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